USA, Detroit Bubble Car Collection: Classic Restos Series 32

29 November 2016

Through exclusive contacts in the USA, Classic Restos have been given access to a rarely seen collection of the Detroit Automotive Historical Society in Fort Wayne. Known as the Bubble Car Collection it features up to 70 vehicles captured in time in protective environmentally controlled plastic bubbles. The automotive curator of the collection Dave takes fletch on a tour of some of the historic vehicles not seen or even heard of before. The Bubble Car Collection features a 1963 Mustang 2 Prototype of which there is only 1 produced, a 1987 Cadillac Wagon, one of two ever produced, a 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood taken off the assembly line only partly completed when the production facility closed. From the Ford styling studio, a 1963 Ford Cobra prototype comprising a Ford Body on an AC Cobra chassis with a plastic body, a 1930s-40s American mini-van the Stout Scarab powered by a Ford V8, another Ford styling studio prototype a 1963 Ford Cougar 2, and two vehicles owned by American automotive heavyweights Lee Iacocca former President of Ford and his specially built 1973 Lincoln Mk4, and GM Founder Billy Durant’s c1905 Cadillac.