USA, Big Al the Oldsmobile & Studebaker Collector: Classic Restos Series 32

07 November 2016

Fletch discovers classic car & memorabilia collector Allen J Scholten or Big Al as he is known - in his barn with his collection of 17 classics cars & trucks and a lifetime of automotive memorabilia. Big Al talks of his fascination with cars from an early age even before he was able to drive, his 42 years as a Car Dealer selling his beloved Oldsmobiles. And today in retirement Big Al says his classic cars keep him active, keeping them going and showing them around, just what the Doctor ordered. Fletch picks out just six vehicles that are the pride of Big Al's collection. First up a 1958 'Mary Kay' pink Oldsmobile, a 1950 Studebaker Commander Convertible, a 1902 Curved Dash Oldsmobile, a 1942 Chrysler Town & Country Barrelback Wagon, a 7-year full restoration project, a 1959 Oldsmobile '98' Convertible and a 1917 Reo Speed Wagon Truck.