The 50's Lifestyle Shepparton Shake Out: Classic Restos Series 33

07 April 2017

Fletch heads south in Victoria to Shepparton for the 50's lifestyle Shepparton Shake Out, a Rock & Roll and Classic Car event all in one. Fletch tours the Shepparton Showgrounds and picks out some of the special cars on display and talks with their passionate owners. First up is Katherine, with an American delivered 1951 VW Bug convertible with a rag top amongst some other unusual features. Then Baz with a beautifully presented 1966 Ford Thunderbird, Neville with a faultless 1964 Pillarless Cadillac and Rocky & Pauline with their 1930 Ford Side-valve V8 Hot Rod. Finally Craig with a 1962 Lincoln Continental with an unusual history, imported from Japan where it was used by the Military Police and retains several of the unique military features along with the biggest set of suicide -doors.

Fletch and Shepparton Shake Up organiser Arthur, acknowledged the Shepparton City Council and local businesses for their support in the staging of the big community event.