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Sydney Classic & Antique Truck Show: Classic Restos - Series 41

By Shannons - Published on 08 July 2019

Fletch heads west of Sydney to Penrith for the 2019 Sydney Classic & Antique Truck Show held at the Museum of Fire - a 1951 heritage listed Power Station that now serves as a museum, displaying a extraordinary range of fire truck vehicles, associated fire fighting memorabilia and a tribute to the fire fighting services and other essential services of NSW.

Fletch has talked to plenty of passionate car enthusiasts, but there appears to be an ever increasing number of truck enthusiasts, and there are plenty of interesting characters as well.

First up is Bob with his '77 Custom International Acco 370 with impressive twin stainless steel stacks to support the straight through exhaust (no mufflers) so you can hear the power of the V8. 

Then Al with an impressive '87 Peterbilt 400 Cummins from the US that has undergone a 20-month restoration including RHD conversion. 

Charlie's up next with his 1958 Kenworth NH220 Turbocharged 6 cylinder engine, not the slick presentation like some of the others more a rat rod style with some very cool custom features like airbag suspension with four height levelling suspension. 

Then there is Bernie who is quite a character, he tells the story of looking for a C Cab Chevy truck and found a 1928 Ford Hot Rod as he calls it with some quirky features, but he is a truck enthusiast with a 1985 Kenworth EW 900B that he has converted to his comfort camper.