Shannons Supercar Showdown: Season 3 Ep 6 - A challenge to test speed and memory

28 October 2013

On this episode of Shannons Supercar Showdown the rookies battle it out with each other for the chance to go head to head with their captains, in a feisty simulator challenge. Dan and Todd were the victors. Dan struggled to keep up with Mark in their face- off. Todd however surprised everyone, turning up the horsepower and leaving Will sweating. Then it was down to business at Calder Raceway with a tricky challenge that tested both speed and memory. Ten new items were placed around the track and the rookies had to try to remember them at the end of their hot laps. It was the last chance for the rookies to make it into the all important semi final. Craig and Tim continued their winning form and finished up on top of the leaderboards for their teams. That meant they were straight through. It was then up to the Captains Choice to decide the final 2 rookies to go through and have a chance at the ultimate prize. It was an agonizing decision for both Will and Mark. Finally Mark named Dan his Captains Choice. And in one of the biggest controversies of the series, seventeen year old Todd got Will's vote, despite the teenager being on the bottom of the points tally for Team Davison. The decision left British Import Adrian shattered and in tears. It's now down to the pointy end of the competition, with the semi final shaping up to be an epic battle. The pressure will be on Todd to lift his game and vindicate Will's belief. Which two will win out and compete for the top prize in Shannons Supercar showdown?