Shannons Supercar Showdown: Season 3 Ep 4 - Muscle power is put to the test.

06 October 2013

In Week 4 of Shannon's Supercar Showdown muscle power is put to the test. Our 8 rookies sweat it out in a gruelling series of fitness challenges. Team Davison are too good, turning up the heat and winning 3 out of 3 challenges. It's worth the pain. All four exhausted rookies are rewarded with a $500 Adrenalin voucher. Chelsea is the only girl in this showdown. This week she gets some much needed moral support in a heart to heart with fellow 17 year old Todd. A start line challenge tests the rookies on a wet Calder Park track. The captain's are looking for 2 rookies who will go through to the finals on Captain's choice. Chelsea shows aggression. And Macauley earns a bonus point for fastest speed. Adrian is the big surprise, finally showing he's got what it takes to make it to the finals. He nabs four points. But at the end of the round the oldies are still in charge. Craig is in top spot for team Winterbottom. And Tim is still leading Team Davison.