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Sapphire Coast Historical Vehicle Club: Classic Restos Series 35

By Shannons - Published on 13 October 2017

Located on the South Coast of NSW at Merimbula is the Sapphire Coast Historical Vehicle Club, an idyllic location for a club that was founded back in 1987 and today boasts 200 members. But what is unique is the club acquired 5 acres of land and built clubrooms,  a workshop, and members car storage facility. The club attracts car, bike & truck enthusiasts from far and wide. Fletch talks with Club president and members about their cars, the club and some of the activities including the tutoring of boys from the local Eden High School.
Owners and their cars featured include Tony with his 1923 Columbia Six,  that is currently in the final stages of restoration on site at the clubs workshop. Fred with his modified 1951 Morris Minor, Bob with a 1967 2 door XP Falcon Coupe in original condition that he has owned for the past 22 years. And Gary who is undertaking a major project at the Club building a Ramp Back Transporter from a 1970 F350 Chassis with a 1938 Model Ford Cab so he can transport his 1931 Modified Ford Hot Rod.