New Zealand Classic Car & Hot Rod Festival: Classic Restos Series 33

20 March 2017

Fletch is back in New Zealand for KUMEU, the 37th Annual Classic Car & Hot Rod Festival located west of Auckland NZ. This event continues to grow in popularity bringing together over 3,000 vehicles.
Fletch talks with owners of a diverse collection of classic cars including some that are not quite classics, like Daniel's 1961 Plymouth Belvedere that is a real eye catcher but not for the right reasons. The car in unrestored condition is a collection of Plymouth and other manufacturers parts into what he refers to as kaleidoscope of panels, something quite unusual. Then we see a real classic, a beautifully presented 1972 Holden HQ Premier Sedan owned by Renne. The VW Fraternity are well represented in NZ, and John's 1967 Kombi Split Window Micro Bus is a beautiful example, enthusiast Allan shows Fletch a pair of Ford Cortina's 1968 &1980 Models that to the naked eye look well presented other than they both boast V8 Chevrolet engines.
Steve's story is one of a labour of love, rescuing his 1938 Chevrolet Flatback from a swamp and undertaking the complete restoration himself, learning numerous skills along the way. Two other restorations featured include Peter and his 1945 Chevrolet 6 Cylinder Truck and a rather unusual modified Citroen with a V8 Engine amongst many other modifications. They share the passion for all things automotive in NZ and Fletch is back with more in Part 2 of his visit to NZ next week.