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Jag XJ6 How to get water out of stud holes.3gp

By ScottyE - Published on 31 January 2012

First I take no responsibility if you blow up your vacuum cleaner ;) This actually worked for me but there are many pit-falls when working on these Jag engines. I was lucky the studs were in good condition (none broke). The last butcher that worked on this engine didn't clean out the bottom of the stud holes & therefore had minimal thread holding the head down & up to a dozen fat washers at the top of the studs, the engine started running rough after I owned it for ~6 months :( (something to check for when purchasing an old Jaguar). Apart from vacuuming out the holes they also need threading & possibly drilling (by hand), I made the extended tools myself by welding rod/old screwdriver to the threader & drill bit. I was wary of my shoddy welding so I never forced the bits. * you may have to thread the holes 20 or more times each stud to get the last of the gunk out. This is a job of time consuming perserverence :-/ PS- my first you tube video made to help not for quality ;) PPS- Clean out the vacuum filter often & esp before the wife uses/sees it.