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FordXR6Turbo Mad Max Cruise 2012

By Rockatansky - Published on 15 November 2012

FordXR6Turbo Mad Max Cruise July 2012 - covering film locations of Mad Max around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Cruise design by Rockatansky and video production by EvilDaifu. And an awesome thanks to the fellow FordXR6Turbo cruisers who made this cruise an epic one. Possibly the last one as Rocky is moving over to Perth - well their gain !!! Mate - nobody can replace your knowledgeable narration and meticulous planning !!! Gotta say - it was funny having 2 Mad Max nuts on this curise - Rockatansky and Vevapower (who drove to down from Sydney especially for this one!). Mad Max footage copyright by George Miller and Warner Brothers. Music copyright by Adele "Skyfall". Thanks.