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Domenic Tringali's Roadster Barn Find March 25, 2010

By donnny520 - Published on 22 September 2018

Domenic Tringali's Roadster Barn Find March 25, 2010 Share "Cars in Barns", Field cars and other "Treasure". Domenic sends photos of the Whiting-Klinefelter B/altered Roadster coming out of storage. A real barn find - the survivor Whiting-Klinefelter B/altered Roadster Stored Since 1968, first time it has seen the light of day in a long time. It raced at New England Dragway in the 60's. When I talked to the man that owned it, he said to me he was called to a house in New Hampshire and they wanted the barn torn down. The owner of the barn said there is an old junk car in there. Well, the guy got the job to tear it down. When he went inside, he almost fell to the floor when he saw it. He said he got it right out of there before the owners of the barn changed their minds. What a find. I took these photos at the New England Dragway 2008 at the event Draggin' in The 50's Show, Epping, New Hampshire. Your Roving Reporter Domenic Tringali