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Beechmont Range 06-12-2015 on a Kawasaki Ninja 1000

By 2DogsStottie - Published on 15 December 2015

Nick, a fellow SES member and I were going for a casual ride today. Everyone else chickened out. The ride stared at my place in Parkinson and headed south to Canungra, Beechmont. Numinbah Valley, Murwillumbah (Nick departed and headed home), Kyogle, then return via Lions road to see the train loop up the range into Queensland. This trip was approx 350Klm and most of it looked like the following footage. What a GREAT DAY! Beechmont is in the hinterland of the Gold Coast north of Binna Burra and west of Nerang. This is the lower section of this range as we near the "T" intersection at the bottom. Please note that on this section of road, the MAXIMUM speed limit is 60Km/h (check at 01:12 & 02:42) The speed of 60Km/h is what I am doing at 03:50 Over the past 12 years I have only ridden this road once, and that was about 2 - 3 years ago. Basically I do not know this road and I am still scrubbing in my new front tyre. Double white line??? What dbl white line??? Checkout at the lizard on the corner around the 00:30 mark, but watch to whole video for some nice corners and some community service... The lizard looked MUCH bigger in real time. Also now on youtube it looks smaller again! I almost soiled myself. For a moment I thought my name was Julie. If you look closely at my left hand you will notice it return to the handle bars after I waive to the ute that pulled over for me to pass while I am throwing it through a right hand corner The Mercedes Benz at 03:34 flashed his lights. That's why I slowed down. If you pause the video at the correct time you can see down the hill. Yes its steep! A classic case of Earth sky Earth sky ambulance. He forgot rule number 1. If you fall off, don't hit any solid immovable objects like... The Earth. Mind you. Over this bank he nearly missed the Earth and landed on sky. YES! IT IS ME... It's not a bad bike for the twisties seeming as its a touring bike eh? As the file is 188Mb You wouldn't like me if I emailed it to you. This was filmed on a GoPro4 Sessions camera @ 720p Super View Ultra wide 1280x720 16:9 @ 50fps Mounted on RHS of helmet The quality on youtube is nothing like it came out of the camera.