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Lost in the 50's Museum Closure & Sale/XY GT Falcon Enthusiast: Classic Restos - Series 38

By Shannons - Published on 23 August 2018

Fletch joins the Cadillac Society of Sydney at the most significant American car collection in Australia at the Lost in the 50's Museum in Newcastle, with 100 American classic vehicles on display and sadly the end of the Museum with the impending sale of the cars and closure of the museum. 
Fletch has visited the Museum many times and caught up with owner Glen Jennings and talks about the collection and the reasons behind the closure. As Glen says, it's time for another generation of enthusiasts to take on the task of keeping cars like those in the museum and their automotive history alive. Glen plans to keep only 5 cars from the 100 strong car collection and nominates his five favourites. Fletch chats with another Glen from the Cadillac Society of Sydney with his beautiful presented Cadillac Eldorado in Glen Eagles Green with white vinyl roof and famous chrome plated dash. 
A special interview with motoring enthusiast Russell from Castle Hill In NSW who reflects on his life and in particular the time he purchased a brand new 1970 XY Ford Falcon 351 GT. Back then he had no idea that it would become the iconic car that it has, his pride and respect for the car over the years is reflected in its condition today 48 years later.