Legends Alan Kempster & Trevor Doust: Classic Restos - Series 27

07 July 2015

Classic Restos hosts two legends. The first a classic example of motorcycle safety and what can go horribly wrong when someone was doing the right thing on his bike. We meet champion motorcycle rider Alan Kempster. Alan is 'the left side', meaning he only has a left arm and left leg, the right side was taken from him by a mindless and inconsiderate hit and run driver in 1990 on a public street. The double amputees determination put most to shame, after months in rehabilitation Alan persevered and ultimately set out to resume his motorcycle racing efforts. Rigging his motorcycle to have it's controls installed on the left side. From one legend to another Fletch's best mate of 25 years has recently past away, his name was Trevor Doust. Trevor appears in the first pilot episode of Classic Restos featuring his sensational blue 1966 Chevrolet. This first pilot episode ended up being the first episode of Classic Restos. Trevor Doust will be sadly missed 2/6/1950 9/11/2014.