John’s Mobile Repair Services & Towing : Classic Restos - Series 32

22 August 2016

Fletch takes a detour while in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and visits a heavy haulage towing specialist - John’s Mobile Repair Services & Towing and experiences first-hand what happens in a 24-hour towing operation. The company operates across 52 states in America and has a fleet of very impressive vehicles that can handle any situation. Bob, the operations manager, demonstrates 3 of its best vehicles, a 25 Tonne 2015 Peterbilt, a 50 tonne 2015 Kenworth and the big daddy of them all a 75 tonne 2015 Kenworth. The trucks are all beautifully presented and are flipped every three years to maintain the best towing fleet in the country. Classic Restos is about motoring enthusiasts and the passion they have for their vehicles, well John’s Mobile Repair Services & Towing fleet fits the bill.