Holden 186 Red Motor - Dyno Run @ Powerhouse Engines

31 December 2015

This engine is the original 186ci Red Motor from my HR, which is now displacing 205ci. The engine was build and dyno tested by Powerhouse Engines in Warragul, Victoria. Engine Specs: Red 186ci Block, Blue 3.3 Crank Spool Conrods, Hypatec Forged Pistons 0.030" Custom Crow Solid Cam (Race/Competition) Red 161 High Compression Head (Modified) Yella Terra Ultralight Flywheel, Powerbond Street Harmonic Balancer Crane Roller Rockers, Crow Dual Valve Springs, Crow Moly Pushrods JCMC Black 1.680 Inlet and 1.432 Exhaust Valves Triple 45 DCOE Weber's (36mm Chokes) on Reline Intake Manifold Electronic Ignition, Electronic Fuel Pump JP Oil Pump, ASR Race Oil Pan with External Oil Pickup Pacemaker Headers (Tri-Y) Compression Ratio 11.0:1 Pump 98 Octane Fuel Power Output: 277bhp @ 6600 248lb-ft @ 4600