Henry Ford: Classic Restos - Series 32

09 September 2016

In this episode, Fletch visits the Ford Piquette Plant in Detroit USA, home of the Henry Ford Factory in 1904.  The three-storey Piquette Plant was purpose built to Henry Ford’s specifications and home to the Ford A/B/C/F/K/N/R & S models that preceded the famous 1909 T-Model Ford. In its prime, the factory employed a remarkable 1,700 workers and built 1,200 Model T's before the relocation to Highland Park in 1910, once destined for demolition the plant was sold to The Model T Automotive Heritage and is now preserved, completely restored and open to the public. Fletch tours with local historian and tour guide and visits every corner of the factory for a fascinating insight to Henry Ford's manufacturing plant that produced the first car for the masses. For another insight into the life and times of Henry Ford and his wife Clara, Fletch visits that stately mansion that was their final residence, styled in a blend of Mid-Western Prairie School and English Country Manor ‘Fairlane House' as it was named sits on tranquil native landscaped gardens of 1,300 acres close to where Henry & Clara were both born. The home of Henry & Clara cost $1.8 Million to build in 1914. Local Historian and our guide shows Fletch through the stately home and provides an insight into another side of Henry Ford, his family and friends. You don’t need to love Fords to enjoy this amazing story. It’s automotive history.