Gen-f HSV stock VS Difilippo exhausts notes

21 July 2015

This footage demonstrates the difference between a gen-f HSV stock exhaust and a difilippo before making your purchase. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note the clicking sound in this footage is the bi modal valves opening and closing which I opted to refit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Difilippo Big Boy Exhaust ---------------------------------------- Headers are 4 into 1's with 1 7/8 inch primary and built in slip-on merge 3 inch Hi-flow stainless steel cats are a 200 cell Dual 3 inch straight through centre Mufflers are built with an x pipe 3 inch rear Mufflers are straight through, they have a dual 2 inch outlet Factory bi modal refitted Thanks For Watching Stay tuned for more footage between the two exhausts and there sounds on takeoff.