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Fletch Retires his Fairlane & Reveals New Car: Classic Restos - Series 39

By Shannons - Published on 17 October 2018

After 18 years loyal service Fletch makes the hard call and retires his 1995 Fairline Ghia, with a commendable 733,000 km on the clock, this car has well and truly earned its retirement. Fletch reflects on the car that today is still in full working order, only once at around 323,000 km did it let him down and had to be towed, the result of a broken fuel pump. 
The reason for the longevity Fletch attributes to the fact that the 5 Litre Windsor V8 was a great engine and the Fairlane Ghia was exceptionally well appointed when purchased only 2 years old with only 61,00km on the clock. 
The other reason for its durability is that it has been serviced every 10,000 km religiously and only used 98 fuel, it really does make a difference according to Fletch. It always started and ran beautifully, but it's not just all about the car but the people and family who know the car and experiences with it, the good, bad and the ugly. This car has an emotional attachment for Fletch, and most enthusiasts will understand this and see just how special this car is to him.
But as one rolls out, a new one rolls in, and of course to replace the Fairlane it had to be a special car. Fletch talks about the research he undertook to find a replacement that hopefully will go the distance again and maybe another 18 years. 
Fletch's choice a 2018 Holden VF HSV GTS Commodore, with a 6.2 litre Supercharged V8, yes it likes a drink, but as someone once said: "you don't buy a high-performance car for the fuel economy". The technology development of this car is of the highest standard and equal or even better than many of the European marquees can offer.  But it's not all about the outstanding technology, the interior and features of the GTS are outstanding an equally important consideration.
Fletch's tip for maintaining a car that is special to you is to keep it in the condition that you purchased it in and it will always remain special to you.
Happy motoring Fletch in the new HSV GTS.