Fiat 124 Jerrari Sport Coupe inside and out

25 March 2015

Jerrari Equipment, Inc were a specialist after market Tuner of imported marques such as Fiat, Porsche, Datsun and European Fords located in Redondo Beach, So Cal between 1968 and 1974. Events of 1974 tolled the bell for some of these hop up businesses. Founder Dave James ventured off in an unrelated direction. A feature in the July 1971 Road and Track magazine caught my attention and I started to make some enquiries. Purely by chance I stumbled across some Jerrari components and latched onto them quick as I came to realise the rarity and lack of information available on this company. Over the past few years, mail order forms, advertising materials, brochures, and original transfers have been scrounged and located to assist in putting this car together in a faithful attempt to recreate a period after market classic in road spec. This car is one of two Jerrari equipped cars known to exist today, the other car a beautiful 68 124 Spider residing in Indiana, USA. 41 years on the Jerrari dream motors on. Thanks to Beatle John and Plastic Ono Band for the sound track. Enjoy !