FIAT 124 Jerrari Sport Coupe Arthurs Seat shake down

28 June 2015

Wetting the bed is not the only excuse to get up early on a Winter Saturday morning when there is a corker piece of historical roadway like the Arthurs Seat Hill Climb to sus out and a need to road test a new rim/rubber combo is on the to do list. The 124 Jerrari (Exxon Valdez) has spent more time in the air than on the deck of late chasing lubricant leaks. Redline products are proving difficult to contain. Gearbox sump and left rear axle seal are the latest to need attention in the ongoing rebuild shake down process. Canned spinach, a week in the gym, good genetics means I now have to negotiate doorways side ways thanks to new muscle mass. Despite inclement weather, the itch was just too much to not test my perceived new found strength on the CD68 RE002 rim/rubber combo and apart from anything else, the coffee and cakes (real muscle food) at near by Safety Beach are to die for and worth a trip down the Peninsular alone. How sad it is the Austin 7 Club no longer run the Fathers Day Hill Climb event. These days it is all about the two wheeled Lycra Lizards. So what of the shake down ? As long as the wheels are turning manoeuvrability is just ok. Tracking and road holding is excellent. A tight city parking procedure will be near impossible, but that is not what this car is about. Core muscle work and general manning up will help some. Power steering has ruined me. Noticeable bogging down between 2500 and 3000 revs under extreme load is evident, so a gander at the carb is another item to be added to the shake down list. What a gorgeous piece of road. Enjoy !