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Classic Truck Flashbacks: Classic Restos - Series 41

By Shannons - Published on 14 August 2019

Fletch's love of trucks is well known and in this weeks episode we flashback to some of the great trucks and their owners that have appeared on Classic Restos. 

First up is Dave 'Chappo' Chapman with his massive '79 Kenworth, powered by a V8 19-litre Caterpillar engine. The truck was a logging truck in the USA before being brought to Australia. Chappo claims this to be the ultimate muscle truck, and it drives like a tornado with massive torque and a Road Ranger 13-speed gearbox and dual range 2 ratio diff, with not just 26 speeds but 50 odd gears.

Next is Justin from Klos Custom Trucks who talks with Fletch about how they got into customising trucks and how the business grew with the increased demand for this type of work. It all started when he went to the US  in 89/90, and he saw what  Americans were doing with their trucks, in terms of customising, and he took it from there. 

Justin shows off some of their work, including their 1985 Kenworth W924. It was an old run-down work truck that they decided to customise for their use.  On a strict budget of $16,000,  they salvaged the parts from around the yards and created this beauty. Today it drives like a Cadillac and is their weekend cruiser.

Next up is a famous 007 Truck, a signature Kenworth from the Bond movie 'Licensed to Kill' fame, the model is a  '90 Kenworth W900L, secured out of Las Vegas after seeing it years earlier on a trip.

Justin shows another truck that is considered the pioneer of custom trucks in Australia, a 1983 Kenworth KW924, now with no engine or gearbox just this beautiful body that back in '83 turned heads. Another very rare truck that Klos Customs has secured is a 1984 Kenworth Gold Nugget, one of only 30 trucks built and this is No 5, sporting the original colours & paint restored by Klos Custom Trucks.

Keep on Truckin Fletch.