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Sandman Heaven in Parks NSW: Classic Restos - Series 47

By Shannons - Published on 06 August 2021

Fletch heads back to Parkes, NSW, to meet with local enthusiast couple Rodney and Jenni Barnes. Who have shared passion for old cars and have collected a nice inventory for themselves. 

The collection includes a 1928 Chevrolet Tourer, three Ferguson tractors, a Volkswagen Bug, a Honda CBR900 motorcycle, two Holden HZ Sandman Panel Vans and an HX Sandman Ute. Jenni also has a treasure trove of memorabilia. 

We start with their oldest vehicle, a 1928 Chevrolet Tourer, purchased by another local back in 1936 - who had the intention to convert it into a ute, although that never eventuated. It's pretty much in original condition; however, it's believed to have been in a prang and resprayed as the original gold paint is exposed in several areas. The tourer has several very unique features for the period, a glass thermometer, leather armrests to protect the paintwork, bronze framework bearing the brand Chevrolet, carpet in the rear passenger section, plus an optional luggage rack and on the inside of the rear doors map pockets with leather covers, not bad for 1928. And still in running order today. 

Rodney and Jenni have a love affair with Holden Sandman's stemming from their early courting days when the Sandman was the car of choice for a farmer's son. They went waterskiing on weekends, living out the back of the Sandman and, of course, the local drive-in. It was all about freedom and fun; they just loved it. Today every time they get in their 1977 Holden HZ Sandman, it brings back those same memories. 

The first of their two Holden HZ Sandman Panel Vans finished in Jasmine yellow undertook a complete restoration in 2010 and has come up beautifully. The car features a 253 V8 4.2-litre engine, 4-speed gearbox and has 60,000 km's on the clock. Their second HZ Sandman they have named 'The Player' with wide wheels and a stroker motor.

Not as popular as the panel vans is Rodney's HX Sandman Ute. But it completes his collection.

Jenni also has a passion for Volkswagen Bugs, as has a lifetime association with VW's. She came to Australia with her parents from the UK with a VW Kombi and VW Bug.

Fletch thanks Rodney and Jenni for taking the time to show us around their shed.