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Part 2 - 2016 Chrysler Nationals: Classic Restos - Series 31

By Shannons - Published on 15 August 2016

Fletch heads out and about the show fields and many pavilions and catches up with some very passion owners about their cars and their origins at the 2016 Carlisle Events Chrysler Nationals. Firstly there is Johnny who has attended the Chrysler Nationals for past 31 consecutive years and owns a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere a car from the period they called 'The Forward Look' from 1955 - 1961 when Chrysler was said to be ahead of its time. Ross with his 1966 Chrysler Wagon in original condition, talks about the cars origins as a fully optioned dealer demonstrator that displayed every option available to buyers. Ken with his 1966 Dodge 426 Hemi Charger 2 door Sports Coupe and Sage with an extremely rare and very valuable 1970 Plymouth Cuda 426 Hemi Convertible in original unrestored condition. And finally, Fetch talks with Catherine Bach who played 'Daisy Duke' in the popular TV Series Dukes & Hazards' before wrapping up the 2016 Chrysler Nationals.