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Narromine Car Club Charity Show & Shine: Classic Restos - Series 47

By Shannons - Published on 23 April 2021

Fletch is in Narromine for the Narromine Car Club Charity Show & Shine, Fletch says events like these are a big deal in these country towns and draw motoring enthusiasts from far and wide from towns like Dubbo, Forbes, and Cobar. 

Fletch, always on the lookout for a good story, catches up with birthday girl Bronte, a third-year auto electrician with her 1985 Datsun Ute. Bronte says that the car was in pretty good nick externally when purchased, but the interior needed a bit of love. Now complete with some engine modifications, it not only looks good but is great fun to drive. 

Next up is a "piece of gold" as Fletch calls it, and not just because of the colour, a 1968 HK Holden Brougham. When brightwork and stainless steel were in vogue, this car was the top of the range Holden of the time, a very luxurious and well-appointed motor vehicle back then. In original condition inside and out, the car looks brand new, as if it has just come off the showroom floor, which is impressive considering that it has been parked up for 37 years with now with just 36,000 miles on the clock. Original paintwork and immaculate finishes, including brocade trim this is a standout at Narromine. 

Now something from a different era, Macca's fully restored 1926 Buick, originally a sedan and now a delivery truck after a ground-up restoration from two trailer loads of parts. Macca's interest in cars and restoration began in 1972 with an FX Holden, and his interest has never wained. 

Finally, Ros with the family Holden One Tonner, originally purchased as a work vehicle for the family contract harvesting business, before being replaced and put up on blocks to be restored one day. It was the son James who in 2003 got the restoration started, and he, along with his father Steve, took it back to the chassis and a complete rebuild. They made it their own with a HQ Statesman front, 253 V8, four-speed on the floor, GTS Dash, dragway wheels and chequer plate tray welded together by son James when he was only 16. Ros says she is very proud of what they delivered.