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Mt Isa Classic Car Show & Swap Meet: Classic Restos Series 35

By Shannons - Published on 31 August 2017

Classic Resto heads off to the far North West Queensland mining town of Mt Isa for the Mt Isa Classic Car Show & Swap Meet. Despite the remoteness of Mt Isa, there is a flourishing community of motoring enthusiasts who come out for this annual event. 
Fletch talks with some owners and their vehicles, first up Allan with 2005 Holden Maloo Ute with a spectacular custom paint job inside and out along with a massive audio system out back, Alan with his 1964 HR Holden sedan that he has extensively modified.
Now for something you won't see around unless you're in a remote mining town like Isa, a c1986 6 Wheel Drive Kowari which is a 4½ tonne underground mining vehicle that is a combo of a Toyota cab and Kowari chassis with a 220hp Cummins diesel. 
Next up Dave with his 1969 Mazda 1200 4 door sedan modified with a rotary engine with 13B Turbo making this 800-kilo vehicle a pocket rocket. Graeme with an impressive modifed1969 HT Monaro GTS and finally Jason with a real show stopper, a 1974 Ford GT 2 door proudly restored inside and out by the owner and local paint shop and trimmer right here in Mt Isa.