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Lookout for the Big Green Shed: Classic Restos - Series 46

By Shannons - Published on 19 February 2021

Just out of Murrumbateman, look out for the Big Green Shed - that's where you'll find Fletch. It's Ron and Gail's property, and the contents of the Big Green Shed is the result of 30 years of collecting. The shed is just two years old and is more like a museum, with a diverse collection - from farm machinery, petrol bowsers from a bygone era and signs, to a plethora of cars, motorcycles and trucks. Ron comes from a machinery and farming background and is a man of few words. But says of his collection, "I find them or they find me", but they are all his favourites. Ron shares the shed with his mate's cars and machinery, adding to the collection. 

Ron's son, Mark, tells the story behind just a few cars and trucks. Including a fully restored 1956 Ford Victoria, an ex-police delivery vehicle that has undergone some modifications, including an XR8 Tickford engine for reliability. Others include a 1914-1916 Ford Roadster T Model Speedster that has been chopped and changed a bit, a 1928-29 A Model Truck rolling chassis - back then, you built your own body and an original 1929 Ford Truck with a history as a timber Jinker that Ron has restored. 

Another friend, Jack, takes up the story of one of the bikes from the collection, a 1939 2-stroke pushbike with some amazing features for its time. As always, the temptation is whether to restore or maintain in the original condition as it is here today. Fletch is intrigued by the 9-pint fuel tank capacity and distance it will take you before the need to use pedal power. 

Finally, machinery enthusiast and friend Brock who has over 30 years of experience working and restoring engines like these, chats with Fletch about the engineering aspects and qualities of these engines, some of which date back over 100 years of age. One example is an 1895 - 98 Vertical White gasolene engine owned and restored by Brock and now in the Big Green Shed.