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Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod Festival NZ: Classic Restos - Series 40

By Shannons - Published on 15 February 2019

Fletch heads off to New Zealand for the 25th Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod Festival, originally a Hot Rod festival and now open to all types of cars and motorcycles, with more than 3,000 cars and motorcycles on display.
First up Fletch gives an insight into the history of the Hot Rods that were based on the 1930's Ford V8 side valve engine. In the 50s and 60's the Ford side valve engine was challenged by another power plant option, the Chrysler Mercury Flathead V8.  Cars bodies were cheap and readily available and once stripped down with the fenders, and engine cowl removed, a couple of pipes out the side and a paint job and you had yourself a Hot Rod.
Fletch heads off to the sheds that display specific collections. First up is the bike shed that features an extensive collection of 2-wheel Hot Rods,  war Harley's and Indians, together with Old and New School Choppers and even some modern tourers and plenty of custom motorcycles. 
Shed 1 is for Custom Cars, Fletch takes a close look at a 1964 Ford Galaxy that has been fully customised, there is not a single part that hasn't been customised inside and out.
Next up is Hot Rod shed, Fletch talks with the builder of 1932 High Boy Roaster and discusses the rebuild, which was based on an original 1932 block and crank and entirely rebuilt from there. The owner provides an outline of the history of these Hot Rod models and their racing origins in the US.
In the last shed, we chat with the owner of a 1969 Plymouth, considered the Holy Grail of Mopars with an original Hemi engine.