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Isuzu Car Club 50th Anniversary Event: Classic Restos - Series 37

By Shannons - Published on 02 May 2018

The Isuzu Car Club formed back in 1968 is one of the smallest, but one of the longest running car clubs in Australia. Fletch heads out to the Western Suburbs of Sydney to join with Club members to celebrate this anniversary.
Today the club has 43 members and 5 Life members, and 35 of the clubs vehicles have Classic NSW Conditional Registration, and amazingly 19 of them are owned by three brothers of the Smith family who are founding members of the Club. 
Fletch outlines the history of Isuzu from 1949 -1974 and then talks with Gary Smith one of the founding members who had a long history with Isuzu trucks before purchasing a new Isuzu Bellett in 1967.
Then Warren with his 1965 Isuzu WASP, initially purchased for parts but became a restoration project of its own. Graeme with his 1965 Bellett 4-door with only 8,800 miles on the clock, after being in storage for 30 years and in original condition. Even the original delivery plastic on the door trims, beautifully preserved.  
David proudly talks about his 1968 Bellett 2 Door 1600 GT, one of only 300 ever brought into Australia. Club secretary Julie and Tom with their very rare 1970 Bellett GTR 2-door a four cylinder 1.6 L DOHC engine designed to do 120mph with a very successful racing pedigree.
Another generation of the Isuzu is Michael's 1975 Gemini TX that was powered by Isuzu.
A small club but full quality classic Isuzu's and very proud club members celebrating their 50th Anniversary.