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Fletch's Highlights of Shannons Route 66 Tour - Part 2: Classic Restos - Series 42

By Shannons - Published on 09 October 2019

Fletch continues on the Shannons Route 66 Tour, across eight states and three time zones, with some interesting stopovers along the way. 

In Amarillo Texas, he visits the Cadillac Ranch, a fascinating piece of art, ten brightly painted Cadillacs buried nose-first in the desert. 

Route 66 has special significance to Fletch, and he paints a beautiful picture of its history and the people who worked along the route. A couple of special mentions are the Route 66 Auto Museum in Santa Rosa New Mexico, The Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert of Arizona. 

The township of Williams was the last town to close its doors in 1984 bypassed by the Interstate 40. Today it is the gateway to the Grand Canyon and a tourist mecca with Route 66 running through the town.

In Seligman, Arizona Fletch catches up with local 90-year-old Angel. Who proudly recalls the efforts to save Route 66 and in 1987 the creation of the 1st Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, aimed at preserving the history and tourism of Route 66.

A name synonymous with American motoring is Carroll Shelby, American automotive designer, racing driver, and entrepreneur. Fletch stops off at the Shelby Heritage Centre to look at some of the iconic cars he produced, their origins and learns how the GT350 was named.

This weeks episode features some great scenic pictures and commentary by Fletch. If you haven't been to Route 66, this will make you want to travel there. As Fletch puts it "Route 66 may not be the oldest road or the longest road, but it is the one that receives the most press."