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Cairns - Classic Bike & Car Collections: Classic Restos Series 36

By Shannons - Published on 06 March 2018

Fletch is still in Cairns and takes a look at two local businesses that are run by passionate enthusiasts, first up is 'Mouse' who is the curator and restorer at the boutique vintage & classic car display right in the heart of Cairns. It's a small space but an impressive collection of classic bikes, including some of the best marquees, Ducati, Vincent, BMW, Triumph, BSA, Norton, and Honda. The owners' favourite bike is the Vincent Black Shadow, a 1000cc V Twin built in 1950 and considered to be ahead of its time, capable of 150mph  and a record breaker for the era. Great collection and Mouse is a real character who loves and knows his bikes.
Then there is John from Cairns Cars, not just a collector but a ground-up restorer of American Classics from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. From an impeccably clean showroom, Fletch reveals a collection of Ford Mustangs and Cadillacs that he has personally rebuilt. His passion is ground-up restoration and claims that most of the cars that come into his showroom are wrecks considered by many, almost beyond restoration. But John and his team pride themselves on their ability to rebuild these classic cars from scratch and restore them to better than new condition.