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Antique Pete & the Green's Gunyah Museum: Classic Restos - Series 45

By Shannons - Published on 13 November 2020

Fletch travels to Lockhart in NSW (or Green's Gunyah as it was known back in 1897) to the Green's Gunyah Museum and Doris Golder Wool Art Gallery. Opened in 1970 the Museum now resides in a new building along with several outside sheds that accommodate an array of farming machinery from what was a very productive sheep district in its day. The Museum captures the history of the region including the Brookon Station, a significant sheep property in the district, along with stories of notable locals including Tim Fisher the local state & federal member, and Jackson Strong, a freestyle motocross champion. 

But it's out the back of the Museum we meet 'Antique Pete',  a local who has a long association with the Museum, in charge of the mechanical machinery. Pete takes Fletch on a tour of some of the notable vehicles on display. 

First, a T Model Ford acquired by the Museum some time ago from a local who had every intention of restoring but just never got around to it.  

Then onto the tractor section, Pete's favourite, there's a 1938 W30 International that springs into life without a problem, now that's reliability. 

Next is a 1927 Hart-Parr Tractor, Pete tells us it's not as powerful as the W30, but a very reliable twin-cylinder, two-speed that runs at a top speed of 3mph. That's equivalent to the walking speed of a horse. It was the first piece of machinery donated to the Museum, and one of only two that remain.  

Next up is a 1922 Garford Fire Truck, and as you'd expect, Pete knows the complete history and workings of the truck and a few anecdotes along the way. 

Antique Pete lives and breathes the Lockhart district. It's on his 900-acre property outside Lockhart that you see his real character come to life, with his collection of machinery and cars, including his beloved 1927 Dodge Four that he still drives today and of course there is a story about that too. 

Another colourful Australian unearthed by Fletch on his travels.