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2020 Americarna - Part 2: Classic Restos - Series 43

By Shannons - Published on 26 March 2020

It's Friday at Americarna and the next three days will see 700 American classics and thousands of spectators take part in Americarna Park Ups, Street Drags, Street Cruises and a Show N Shine to close. 

Along the journey, Fletch talks with first-time classic car owner about his 1972 Dodge Dart, 4 -door often referred to as the plain jane model and similar to Australia's VE/VF Valiant of the time. Andy's Dodge is in original condition, and the custom model features a 5.2 litre V8, air conditioning, power steering and power disc brakes. Built at the Chrysler plant in Canada, sold in San Diego and owned by the one family through to 2018.   

A feature of the weekend is the Americarna Street Drags. Where cars and motorcycles of all sorts test themselves over 60 metres, another highlight is the Friday night Street Cruise where 700 American classics of all shapes and sizes cruise the main street of New Plymouth for all to see.  Sunday is a rest day, but not for these Americarna enthusiasts with the Park Up & Show N Shine in Devon Street, New Plymouth. 

Fletch takes to the fields to chat with owners, getting the inside story about their piece of American motoring history.  First up is Chris, with his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. A third-year facelift model that is fully optioned and slightly modified to his preferred streetcar styling. Then there is Pete, with a beautifully restored 1957 Chevrolet Truck with a 327 engine, that he picked up while on tour in America and took home to restore.   

Last but no means least is Dave, with his stylish and opulent 1947 Cadillac featuring 346 Flathead V8, single carby, 3-speed automatic. But with no power steering or power-assisted brakes for such a beast of a car. The car has a much-travelled history, originally restored in LA in 2008. Then transferred to Sweden, on to Finland and later on to Australia, after being purchased online. It's in remarkable Ccondition given all that transportation.   

Mark Americarna 2021 in your travel diaries, it's a 4-day event to be held on February 24-27, 2021 and one not to be missed.