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2020 Americarna - Part 1: Classic Restos - Series 43

By Shannons - Published on 20 March 2020

Fletch is back in New Zealand for Americarna 2020 - a celebration of all things American when it comes to motoring. On Day 1 Fletch heads out from New Plymouth on New Zealand's North Island, with hundreds of American motoring enthusiasts.

Along the way, Fletch spots a beautiful 1967 Ford Mercury Monterey 2-door and chats with owner Maureen who loves the styling of her Monterey because ‘it’s a little bit different’. Maureen knows a little on the history of the model, with only 4,500 ever built in the US and only 4 registered in New Zealand - two of which she owns, a 2-door and a 4-door, real Monterey enthusiasts.

Day 2 of Americarna, is another drive and park-up day, where the owners and spectators get up close to many of these magnificent classics. Fletch says it not just the quantity of American cars at Americarna, but the quality, it's the best outside America.

While there are plenty of huge American Classics, Fletch finds possibly the oldest and smallest American classic, a 1939 Bantam. Owner Pat, purchased the car in 1955, when he was only 17 years of age and has had a life-long affair since. A struggle on apprentice wages at the time, but the car caught his eye in a car lot, and he had to have it. It still looks a treat today.

Next is an iconic American car, a 1978 Plymouth Fury 440 State Trooper Patrol Car owned by Col, who tells the story of its previous ownership in America. In 1978 Minnesota, USA - State Trooper Dane Brunett was retiring after 40 years service, he requested the Police Department if he could buy his patrol car, that was also was being retired. They sold it to him with all police accessories intact for just $1.

Then we meet Frank, with his 1964 Buick 2-door Convertible Electra 225 in absolute pristine and original condition with an amazing 37,000 miles on the clock. A testament to the original owner for its condition today - 56 years later.

That’s just part 1 of 2020 Americarna from New Zealand, with more to follow.