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2018 Muscle on the Mountain: Classic Restos - Series 38

By Shannons - Published on 15 August 2018

Fletch heads for the Mountains at Maleny, 100Kms North of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland for the 2018 Muscle on the Mountain where 946 vehicles have turned out. 
There's Holden's, Ford's, Chrysler's, Muscle Cars, Street Machines, Vintage cars, motorcycles and plenty of Car Clubs - there's something for everyone.
Fletch picks out some excellent vehicles and talks with their owners.
Kate with her 1955 VW Bus, a 40th birthday present that she has restored over 8 years with her husband, the bus features split windows with push-out Safari windows that top off the iconic look.
Gordon with a rare 1967 Vauxhall Viscount, a GM product from the UK purchased from New Zealand along with another beautiful restored 1962 Vauxhall Cresta.
Then Ben with a unique car in Australian motoring history,  a 1969 XY Ford GT HO (build No 39/260) in unrestored condition, in fact never been touched and believed to be one of only 15 unrestored XY GT HO's still in existence. 
Then Chris with a 1971 Chrysler E38 V8 purchased when he was 21 over 35 years ago. 
Lucky last is the Fletches truck of the day, Chris with his 1955 Custom Chevy truck, bought out of the US and completely rebuilt featuring a 350 Corvette LS2 powerplant. Some really great classics here at Muscle on the Mountain, this is an event really worth putting in your diary for next year.