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2015 Hershey Concours D'Elegance: Classic Restos - Series 27

By Shannons - Published on 31 July 2015

Classic Restos returns to Pennsylvania in the US to bring us one of the most opulent motoring events that you will ever see, the '2015 Hershey Concours D'Elegance'. This event highlights the untouchables, the vehicles that the average person would never have the privilege to own. These are the top end vehicles, vehicles that belonged to the wealthy. Back in a time when most of the world was on its knees. They are elegant, they are bold, some feature performance and all feature style. This event is modelled after the finest European and American Concours D'Elegance. The Hershey D'Elegance is an automotive garden party featuring the worlds finest collector vintage and antique cars displayed in the manicured formal gardens of the Hotel Hershey.