Bill Richardson's Transport World - Invercargill NZ - Classic Restos Series 33

08 February 2017

Proof of Invercargill's title of the Classic Automotive hub of New Zealand is Fletch's' next stop at Bill Richardson Transport World. An Automotive Museum featuring 150 Vintage trucks, cars and transport memorabilia.  Local transport company operator, Bill Richardson's love of trucks, is on display and his daughter Jocelyn talks of her father's love of vehicles and in particular his trucks and the legacy that is being continued today by his family. Graham one of the museum curators takes Fletch on a tour of just a few of the many museum highlights including a 1940 Dodge RX70 Texaco Truck, the most well know and photographed vehicle in the museum. But it's not all trucks; there is an impressive line of early Ford vehicles including a  1904 Ford AC through to a 1922 Doctors Coupe, the museum boasts 7 of the 8 models that preceded the Model T Ford, all on display in magnificently restored condition. One of the museum feature displays is a complete replica of Henry Ford's first workshop featuring a replica of the 1896 Ford Quadricycle built in 1963. The tour continues with an array of engines, petrol bowsers and transport vehicles, a hugely impressive display in Invercargill in New Zealand's Southland.