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2019 Atherton Queensland Car & Bike Show and Swap Meet: Classic Restos - Series 41

By Shannons - Published on 16 July 2019

Fletch heads to Atherton in far North Queensland for the 8th Annual Car & Bike Show and Swap Meet and walks the paddock to reveal some real treasures.  

First, up is Cameron from Tableland Batteries with his customised 1971 VW Kombie low-lite 9-seater that has undergone a 30-month rebuild after 20 years rusting under a mango tree. 

Next is Phil, with what on the surface looks like a quite sedate 1944 Cab Ford Jailbar Pickup, that's until he reveals the powerhouse beneath, a 33i Hemi powerplant plus many more modifications. We're not sure that there is anything left of the original vehicle, other than the body. 

Then we have Tex with his 1929 Buick Marquette who reveals that these vehicles were imported from the US as chassis and wheels only and Holden Australia built their bodies to suit the local conditions including RHD. This one features the Holden body badge. 

The motorcycle fraternity is well supported at the event. We meet brothers Steve and Jim and their bikes. Steve, with a powerful 1971 Honda 750 Four, back then it was a seriously quick bike, and it still is today. It's the result of a complete 4.5-year restoration. Brother Jim has a 1937 BSA side value motorcycle, that he has more recently restored to working order and says it still rides well today.

Fletch finishes up with passionate Holden owner Mick, with his 1962 EJ Holden Sedan. Before Mick's ownership the car has spent a long time in the shed and took Mick 5 years to bring back to the condition it's in today. Mick just loves his EJ, it brings back lots of memories of his youth. He says they are simple cars, easy to work on or even fix on the side of the road, not like these modern cars that you have to hook up to a computer.