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2017 USA Tour Detroit Part 2: Classic Restos Series 36

By Shannons - Published on 01 December 2017

Classic Restos covers the complete automotive journey from original vehicles, restorations and in this episode Custom cars. Fletch heads to custom body fabricators 'Mob Steel' after only 14 years in operation they have become one of the top custom car builders in the US. Taking Detroit vintage steel, big body cars of the 50s, 60's and 70s the likes of Lincoln's and Cadillacs and transforming them into menacing modern-day machines, celebrating America's automotive history.
Adam, the owner of Mob Steel, talks about the origins of his custom car shop and it's transformation from building cars to owners specs to building their own custom cars under the Mob Steel brand.  Adam who grew up in the automotive manufacturing industry and reflects on the demise of automotive manufacturing in the USA, a story that Australians are only too familiar with. There was a market for steel wheels, but a manufacturing resource wasn't, so they started a  wheel company, Detroit Steel Wheels to support the automotive industry workers, suppliers and the big three manufacturers in the US. The company now services a strong need locally in the USA and a growing market around the world for his products.
 A 1913 Biavtogo concept cyclecar manufactured by James Scripps Booth In the US is one of the latest projects given to Mob Steel to restore for the Detroit Historical Society. The team at Mob Steel are very proud to be given the task of this restoration and see this as a vindication of the craftsmanship and quality of their work. Another project is a 1965 Lincoln Continental modification in progress only weeks out from the SEMA Show in Las Vegas
Finally, Fletch revisits the home of Wes Myrick who featured in the last US series of Classic Restos and recently passed away, with some edited highlights of the episode featuring Wes.