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1976 Suzuki TS185


This is my first custom bike build. No plans or drawings were done for this build. I started with a $250 basket case TS185 found on market place and only a rough idea in mind. I stripped it down to a bare frame, put it on the bench and let the bike develop organically from there. I basically just designed and fabricated as I went along, just doing what I though looked right.
Even with the extended swing arm the wheelbase is close to stock due to the steepened head tube angle. As a result the steering is more responsive and the weight of the bike is now more centralized and with the low ride height it feels like riding a BMX with an engine.
I didn’t use any software when designing and building the pipe. I just welded a bunch of cones together into a shape that I thought looked like it would work. It made a big increase in power in the mid-high rpm range and it sounds like a 125cc Motocross bike.
It wasn’t originally going to be finished in this color scheme. When I dropped the frame off at powder coat I asked for it to be royal blue.
When I went to pick it up I saw it had been done in purple instead.
Rather than get them to re-coat it, I decided to base the rest of the paint and graphics theme around the purple frame. That’s why I used the white base with pink and purple graphics.
This bike isn’t going to be liked by everyone. I am totally fine with that. I wanted to build this bike 100% for myself. If other people like it too, that’s cool, but if they don’t that’s cool too.



- KTM 450 head tube welded onto the TS frame to accept KTM triple clamps. Head tube angle steepened approximately 6 degrees.
- Handmade swingarm, 50mm longer than standard, integrated YZ250 axle adjuster blocks. Under slung caliper mount with internally routed brake line.
- New custom subframe with hidden battery mount and fabricated aluminum oil tank.


- KTM 450sx forks, slammed with internal spacers and lowered springs
- Kawasaki Zephyr 750 rear shocks

Wheels and brakes:

- KTM 450 front hub laced to a 19” excel rim, Zeta wave disc, KTM Brembo front caliper and braided line. Custom wheel spacers to eliminate speedo drive.
- YZ250 rear hub laced to a 19” excel rim, YZ rear caliper mounted upside down. Custom wheel spacers, Zeta wave disc, Renthal Sprocket.
- Dunlop K180 flat track tyres, 110/90r19 front and rear

Body and Electrics:

- Number plates and seat pan fabricated from 3mm aluminum.
- 75 Suzuki TM75 fuel tank, pop up filler cap.
- Seat cut and shaped from high-density foam, glued to a 10mm plastic base and covered with a recycled KTM 250sx seat cover.
- Honda CRFx rear fender, chopped and re-shaped
- 12v conversion with Yamaha ttr110 battery
- Micro turn signals front and rear, CRFx LED rear taillight, LED light bar headlight.
- 1992 Suzuki RM125 rear number plate and fender graphics, cut and reshaped to suit.
- Custom tank graphics, designed and made by me.

Engine and exhaust:

- I designed and fabricated cone pipe from scratch, using Pro Circuit shorty internals for the silencer.
- Rebuilt standard bore TS185 engine, mildly ported cylinder.
- Flat slide carb, DNA pod filter


- YZ250 throttle assembly, the TS split throttle cable modified to fit.
- CR high bend Fat Bars, Works Connection billet clutch perch, ODI lock-on grips.
- Yamaha R15 street bike rear sets, foot pegs, gear shifter and brake pedal. Custom adjustable shift linkage.
- Total weight is around 90kg
- - -
Around 18 months build time, only working on it when I felt like it.
Approximate build cost - $3500
All work completed by myself after hours in my home shed (except powder coating)

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Vehicle Specs

185 2 stroke
5 speed
Body Style