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1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost


Delivered new but immediately given to the war effort. Auctioned post-war and purchased by a Doctor in Chester, brought to Australia in 1928 by a Sydney Doctor, re-bodied five times by successive owners including the current Peel of Brisbane body from a sporting 1913 Sunbeam fitted in 1966. Restored over 15 years by current owner.
This sporting London to Edinburgh Continental chassis is one of six know world wide - one of around 20 produced and the same sporting model produced which won the 1913 Spanish Grand Prix and the 1913 Austrian Alpine Trial.
Winner of Best in Show in last year's MotorClassica Show.


Current body fitted in 1966 with Peel of Brisbane body from a 1913 6-litre sporting Sunbeam.
Fitted with 35 x 5 straight-sided tyres in lieu of original special 935 x 135 beaded edge tyres which are no longer available.

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