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Published on 08 March 2016

Great article ... My father purchased red '69 142S with B20 on the overseas delivery scheme. We collected it from factory dealership in Sweden, drove it for 3 years around Europe, while he was stationed there with his work. I was 14 ... that experience cemented my love for the Volvo...and as an adult, owned an early '62 P1800 for a number of years, then couple of 142S in 70's and early 80's. Then a '79 244GL in '90s.Yes a boring family car, but after 485'000 k's was still going strong and problem free. Now have a 122S, built in March 1970. Last of 3 to be imported into Australia. An absolute fun car to own and drive. Being the last of series, the last 122S (69/70) were fitted with B20 to 123GT spec. Also had the twin brake system and collapsible steering column, headlight flashers. Fitted with overdrive, makes the car a great long distance tourer as well as quick point to point car.