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Published on 16 October 2021

[quote X4703I461MT8I846]Fair call JonP01, the Hillman Hunter certainly qualifies in our house. My partner's first car was a Hunter and it was so bad she had the NRMA on speed dial and had a permanent booking every morning to get the thing going. Then there was the rust....then there was the oil leaks and consumption....then there was cooling and radiator problems.....then it was sold for almost nothing. She was very well acquainted with Bars Leak and bought it in industrial quantities. It was a total shocker.[/quote] If it was an Australian built by Chrysler Hunter, then I can understand it. They really weren't geared up to small car thinking, and both the Imp and Hunter suffered badly. Chrysler Australia were hardly aware there was a Hunter doing well in the London-Sydney, so it got very little factory back-up (unlike Ford and BMC) and virtually no promotional value either (again unlike Ford and BMC). Todds over in New Zealand who assembled Chrysler and Rootes made the Hunter a winner. Every time they wound down production, demand would grow again, so it lasted until about 1980, thirteen years after they were introduced. People I know over there swore by them. They had a good reputation in the UK as well, with many being used by the British Police for everyday work. Ask any Iranian how his Paykan taxi was going and you'll get a thumbs up, but they didn't get much of a choice. Another underrated car that deserved more development.