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Published on 09 March 2019

I had a few trips from Sydney to Young, where my folks still lived in my first car the little 1935 Morris 8/40. They were slow trips, averaging about 30 MPH. We always drove on the wrong side of the road out bush, as the dirt road washboard corrugations rode easier going against rather than with them. I then joined the navy, & went to Flinders naval base, near Melbourne, to the naval college for our first training. I only did one trip to Sydney to visit my girl in the Morris, as it took all weekend to get there & back. Ay least the road was bitumen, Then we went to Uranquinty, near Wagga, to learn to fly with the RAAF. Many trips to Sydney to see that girl over the next year. They became reasonable when the little Morris died & was replaced with a 36 Dodge. That would cruise at 60 MPH even on the rough dirt roads of which there were still many. It felt like a limousine after the little pom. The yanks built great cars back then, pity they lost their way after the war.