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Published on 18 March 2018

Wow! it was good to see this forum fire up again guys. I always felt that this particular topic had more mileage in it. With regard to an earlier post by MADMUZ regarding the smell of horse hair seats, I have to confess I'm NEIGH too FUST on them myself (ha! ha!) and with regard to your original post TROMBONISTA please try not to get too 'hung up' on who comes out in front at the end of the day. I'm positive that (unless dealing with a business situation) no-one spends good money on their 'pride and joy' to come out ahead of the owner who believes in keeping their vehicle in original (untouched) condition. Anyway, talking about Monaro's previously, here's a '327' I photographed at A.I.R. well over 40 years ago which ran mid 8's at the time driven by Peter Dellisandro - also in the shot. Plus, I've added another Monaro just about to do battle with a fellow Victorian in an 'all Aussie' Holden vs. Ford quarter mile race - probably closer to 45 years ago at A.I.R.