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Published on 05 September 2021

At one time l aspired to own an example of every Bathurst winner until the end of the Group C era. Not all at once of course! First off there was a 1966 Mini Cooper S then followed by a Mk1 GT Cortina. This pursuit inevitably led to Aussie homologation specials and an A9X hatch in particular. However houses, wives and children intervened and Bathurst winners were put on hold. In the interim I did persuade my employer that a Brock VK Group 3 was a sensible company car. When the opportunity arose again in more recent years my interest in Bathurst winners was rekindled. Now l find myself with the only known HK 327 survivor from Bathurst 1968 and a Group C Torana L34 raced by the Gough brothers between 1974 and 1977. Separated by only seven years and a rule change from Series Production to Group C the HK is still a road car whilst the Torana is a much more serious and capable race car. However both have the necessary ingredients for homologation which made them race winners in their own time. I would still love to own a VK Group A Commodore, maybe one day.