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Published on 20 December 2020

Just thought I might drop a challenge in here. You see I have just got my new mobility scooter. As they go it is a bit of a beast, with 4 wheel independent suspension, & 17" wheels, [well tyres but they claim wheels], plenty of ground clearance, & skinny tyres to give good traction on dirt or wet grass. It even has anti rear wheels out the back like a drag car , but with the high seating & ground clearance on a very narrow track, it could get you on your side quite easily. Anyway who will bring their mower, mobility scooter or what have you out to my track for a bit of racing at least the clock. Any of you who survive Christmas, do let me know, if you're game, & buy the way. 75 V 35Km/H So dangerous they had it locked behind bars for shipping. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL