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Published on 17 December 2020

I miss my MG A 1500 and wonder what has become of her. Acquired as my first car with a loan from mum. The A wore the battle scars of an active life acquired over the previous twenty years or so but was my faithful daily driver for several years. The decision was then made to undertake a full body off restoration and with an energy borne of youth and no other commitments this was completed in a little over a year. A house purchase and other priorities caused me to reluctantly sell the A, however a few years later l was able to buy her back. The A then served as my wife’s daily driver up until our first child was imminent. Sold again in 1990 l have not seen or heard of my faithful friend since. I hope that someone is still taking good care of her. Oddly perhaps the engine number is still etched into my brain 15GBUHA42224.