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Published on 29 April 2020

Beleive it or not, I remember them well. Great "little" car. And I loved the styling, bit "Anglia'ish" but different to the rest of the run-of-mill pommie cars around then. The UK Police used them because they were the only car available to them, that could outrun the "Cafe Racers" so popular in Britain at the time. For those who don't know, Cafe Racers were bikies who would challenge each other to race their motor bikes (on public roads) from one cafe to another, usually in the countryside. The customary speed was an average of 100 miles per hour (that's 160kph kiddies). Fast for a bike, even more so in the early 1960's! Remeber the roads weren't quite as well paved then. In the Daimler, they had met their match! As in the UK, ACT Police also had Daimler SP250's. Same reason. As an article in the Canberra Times said: "Speedsters will have cause to fear this car. It is the police highway patrol's Daimler SP250, imported to clope with motorists in high powered cars who have, on occaision, outdistanced pursuing police. The 130MPH Daimler should prove a much harder "tail" to shake." Unfortunately, fitting a couple of big burly Policemen into a small car was a bit of an issue! Below is a picture of a Daimler alongside the Academy of Science. Check out the uniform!