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Published on 28 June 2019

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it (23 pages too much to go through) - The stillborn GTR-X. I saw one in the flesh earlier this year in Birdwood and it is a sexy car. Sure, it doesn't have the raw power of a 1969 427 L71/L72 or L88/L89 Corvette. It makes do with a little Holden 6, albeit XU1 in nature. When you read the Engineering Report on it from 1970 you can see it is essentially an Australian Corvette. It is a full chassis, fibreglass body, 2 seat sports coupe with the driveline from the GMH performance offering of the day (well technically GMH still had the premium performance HT/HG GTS350 manual in 1970 but by the time the GTR-X was to be in production that baton would be passed to the Torana XU1). It would have been a magnificent vehicle, even looks sexy with the bonnet open with the triple carbs and 186-X decal on the chrome rocker cover. It would also have been the first production GMH product with 4 wheel disc brakes. Attached are pictures I took in Feb 2019, only iPhone images but you can see it. I even saw the Press Report and Engineering Report for it.